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8 strand mooring tails

    • 220 Meters Length 3 Strand Twisted PP Polyester Mixed Rope

      Contact Now220 Meters Length 3 Strand Twisted PP Polyester Mixed Rope3 Strand twisted PP polyester Mixed rope 3-strand rope is the hotsale rope.The material have PP,Nylon and PP PE mixed .Additional sizes and colors available to special order. 3-strand is a right hand lay which is the most often encountered form of laid rope. Laid ropes with the opposite twist...Read More

    • 3 Strand Yellow and Black Warning Tiger Warning Rope

      Contact Now3 Strand Yellow and Black Warning Tiger Warning RopeInstruction: Tiger rope is a low cost, low weight (floating), UV resistant, and a high quality tensile synthetic rope. Tiger rope is manufactured from extruded copolymer fibers, whose properties result in tiger ropes that size for size are almost triple the strength of traditional manila natural...Read More

    • 3 Strand Plastic Coated Man Rope

      Contact Now3 Strand Plastic Coated Man RopeInstruction: The Man rope is maked polypropylene yarn , surface covered plastic sheath. It's soft and skin-friendly fit. Excellent durability Usable in low temperature Excellent abrasion resistanceRead More

    • 3 Strand Polyester Rope

      Contact Now3 Strand Polyester Rope3-Strand Polyester Rope Polyester rope is the most popular general purpose rope in the boating industry because is has the best resistance to abrasion and ultra-violet rays. It is a continuous multifilament low-stretch yarn, and our polyester rope is manufactured using premium grade fibers. This...Read More